Ramblings Of A Quetiapine Infused Rainbow.

21. Queer. Gender Queer (them/they/their pronouns please)

This is my place to rant and let of steam about life and it's troubles. I suffer from depression, anxiety and auditory hallucinations. I know what it's like to hurt.

Life would be pretty straight without LGBTIAQ*. <3

*WARNING - This blog contains posts related to self harm/depression/suicide etc, and may be triggering*
I do not promote self harm, suicide or anything along those lines. Opinions are mine not those of any organisation i am attached to.

Feel free to message me to ask me any questions. oxo


If you’re battling a mental illness and didn’t want to wake up this morning but did anyways, you’re a motherfucking badass. Because living with a mental illness is hard and I’m damn proud of you for still being here and fighting. You’re metal as hell and tough as nails. So keep on fighting, you kickass Viking warrior. You can win this.

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