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21. Queer. (them/they/their pronouns please) Volunteer. Budding mental health and animal welfare advocate. Quote lover. Beginner knitter. Artist. (well, I create art) Coffee lover. I blog a lot about my mental health and about my assistance dog in training; Toby. My current diagnosis is major depressive disorder, generalised anxiety with BPD traits. Life would be pretty straight without LGBTIAQ*.

Tumblring on my phone

Mom:who are you texting?
Mom:what are you doing then?
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i hope all of this is a dream i’m having at the age of 7

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So today I was supposed to see my psych but rang and had to cancel because we could not afford it. The receptionist got really arsey with me, and told me that I should have called on Friday to cancel. Friday I did not know the money situation. The receptionist started getting grumpy with me then told me that I am my psychs only patient today and she was on her way to the hospital right now. I apologised. And she said she would call the dr to see if she would bulk bill me, she called back and my psych said she would. So I told mum, and Muma started yelling saying she’s in bed. We don’t have time to get there.

I told mum that I was not speaking to the receptionist again, as she made me cry.

So mum spoke to the receptionist, she was off with her. Then dad spoke to her and she was off with him.

So. I did NOT see my psych.
I HAVE TO WAIT TO THE FUCKING NINTH I’m so fucking suicidal. I feel so unsafe. So so so unsafe right now.

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sometimes my emotion is just the word “fuckign” 

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